Monday, February 25, 2008

All the little things | Davio's - A Philadelphia Gem, along with two other couples, took in Philadelphia's restaurant week festivities at Davio's a few Sundays-ago. The evening served as launching point for the Philly50 idea itself and as a warm up for the criteria and writing style for the forthcoming reviews of the 50 best restaurants in Philadelphia. The project officially launches next month, with a dinner at the joint ranked #1 by Philadelphia Magazine - Osteria.

Davio's is a special place and while it fell short of being considered top 50, it surely would be in the next 50 if the list would ever be expanded to 100. Davio's is classy with smooth service and consistent cuisine in a gorgeous space above the bustling city streets. Dinner was described as "terrific". While the six lucky diners were not working from the regular menu, the selections chosen for the restaurant week menu were fantastic and varied (options of lamb, chicken, steak and fish).

The couches and the bar area that one is tempted by on the way in and out (almost no way to pass without wanting to sink into a couch for an after dinner drink or a beverage while you wait for a table) should certainly be utilized as either the starting point to a great meal or the appropriate destination for that final adult beverage before hugs are exchanged and goodbyes granted. The area is comfortable, well-attended by the waitstaff and features a pair of flat screen televisions that allow for a peek at the score or the climactic conclusion of the game yet at the same time manage to not distract from the mood the living room-themed area conjures up.

Use to make a reservation and don't hesitate to use the comment box to let Davio's know if your dinner there is a celebration of any sort. The Mrs. and I did just that a couple years back and were surprised with a free dessert to share with the words "Happy Anniversary" in chocolate on the rim of the plate. A nice touch that has stuck with me for years and has caused me to recommend and speak highly of the place ever since.

In short, Davio's is a solid Philadelphia classic. They even validate parking (which can be hard to find in that part of the city - call ahead for the applicable lots that qualify).
Don't hesitate to consider Davio's for your next special occasion.
Stop back in March for the next restaurant review and the start of this year long challenge.

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