Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TOWN - New York City

My parents enjoyed a delicious dinner a couple nights ago at TOWN in midtown Manhattan. It was their wedding anniversary and I made note of that fact in the Opentable reservation. Like a sophisticated restaurant should, TOWN lavished my parents with special attention for their special occasion. Glasses of champagne on the house...'Happy Anniversary' written in chocolate along side the bread pudding on the dessert plate. Simple touches that will initiate waves of positive word of mouth for months on end. TOWN even managed to do what numerous others restaurants couldn't in the past - I called during their meal and asked to have a cheese plate sent over to their table. I picked the three cheeses from the website, supplied my credit card info...and voila! it happened in a timely fashion with the correct fromage selections! They even made note of my name to forward my best wishes to my parents in conjunction with the presentation of the cheeses. Perfection.

A truly first class experience. I recommend TOWN to anyone and everyone looking for a special, romantic evening of
inventive fare in a simply elegant setting in midtown.

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